General Terms of Use

MEGA: This is the maximum speed that you will get, expressed in megabits per second. This speed may vary over time and be lower particularily during periods of high network traffic.

DATA INCLUDED: your fixed volume of data to be used every month, expressed in gigabytes (transmission + reception).

TOOWAY PACKAGES: If you consume the volume of data (Giga) included in your subscription (total transmission + reception), your speed will be limited to 128 Kb/s download and 128 Kb /s upload to the Lite S offer and 256 Kb/s download and 128 Kb / s upload for Lite M, L, XL offers, until the reset date of your offer, without interrupting your connection. Satellite Kit: To use the service, you need to have a connection kit supporting Eutelsat KA-SAT 9° East satellit.

The Satellite Kit is available for purchase or lease for the duration of your subscription. In the latter case it remains the sole and exclusive property of Eutelsat

PACKAGE OFFER: subsidies are available in some departments

PAYMENTS: see the conditions applied by our authorized dealers

PHONE: Some dealers offer phone services using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) via the tooway dish.

For prices refer to the specific conditions of each dealer.