FAQ Euro Broadband

FAQ Euro Broadband

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FAQ Euro Broadband

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I live in a remote, rural or mountainous region where signals could be blocked. Can I still receive Euro Broadband?

Yes. Euro Broadband is high-speed internet access via satellite “everywhere and for everyone.”

How do I subscribe ?

It’s very simple. Contact one of our authorised dealers.

I would like to subscribe to Euro Broadband but I do not know how to terminate my current subscription ?

Our authorised dealers usually offer special offers to users wishing to terminate their subscription to subscribe to Euro Broadband.

Are Euro Broadband rates competitive ?

With state-of the art technologies, very little equipment needed and the use of Ka-band (outperforming Ku-band) for the connection, Euro Broadband can offer its satellite broadband services for the same monthly rate as ADSL. Prices and conditions are available from authorised service providers in the United Kingdom. The lowest rate is £19.99 per month including tax (excluding equipment rental or purchase expenses).

Can I have access to triple-play services with Euro Broadband ?

Yes. Euro Broadband provides access to satellite TV by simply adding a small piece of equipment to the satellite dish to receive the free and pay channels. Euro Broadband can also provide phone calls with VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. This service is added by the service providers and the price can vary depending on the provider.

How much does the antenna and installation cost ? Is it included in the subscription price ?

The price of the dish and installation is not included in the subscription. It depends on whether you want to buy or rent the equipment.

Is the performance presented by Euro Broadband really achievable?

Absolutely. Unlike ADSL land connections, where the quality of service is proportional to the distance between the subscriber and the access server, satellite broadband Internet access technology does not suffer from this problem. In order to share the satellite resource fairly among all subscribers, Euro Broadband controls and lowers when necessary the performance of very large bandwidth consumers – heavy downloads of HD movies taking a little more time, for example, – so that those traffic spikes do not affect the Internet connection for the vast majority of Euro Broadband users.

What guarantees do you give that your retailers and installers are professionals?

Our authorised dealers are all experts in broadband internet and they are about your needs. They will help you in your choice of a Euro Broadband service, provide practical answers to all your questions and provide a personal and customised service. They are committed to the Euro Broadband Charter and will support you in finding the best broadband satellite internet solution to suit your needs.

Our installers are certified professionals, at your service for the installation of your high speed internet access (modem and dish) kit.

Can I easily change from one Euro Broadband service to another ?

Yes, you just need to contact the dealer where you purchased your subscription.

What equipment do I need to access satellite broadband Internet with Euro Broadband ?

You only need a computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) with a built-in network interface card (10/100 Mbps), a satellite dish and a Euro Broadband modem. No cable or phone line is required, and no additional software

Can I install the antenna myself ?

We recommend you have it installed by our qualified installers, via your local dealer. However, you can install the dish yourself by precisely following the instructions for assembling and positioning the antenna. A video of the installation procedure is available on this site.

But be careful !

Positioning the dish towards the satellite is particularly important, the direction in which the antenna points has to be far more accurate than for television reception. Should you need to put the antenna in a place that is difficult to reach, on the roof of a house for example, we would recommend that you call an expert installer for safety reasons.

At 30 Mbps, how long does it take to download a song ?

No more than two to three seconds.

Who controls the network ?

Located in the SkyPark teleport in Turin (Italy) the platform and hub operations for the Euro Broadband network are operated by Eutelsat’s broadband subsidiary Skylogic. A dedicated staff works at the teleports to maintain the highest availability of service.

Can the satellite signal reception be affected by the weather ?

No. Clouds, wind, rain, storm, none of this affects the satellite broadband Internet connection.
The Euro Broadband antenna can provide an Internet connection even under 20 cm of snow.
Euro Broadband also automatically reacts to the signal loss of power due to heavy rain with a power increase on the uplink and data adaptive coding techniques (adaptive coding and modulation, ACM) that compensate for possible interruptions while optimizing the satellite transponder bandwidth use.
This device makes the Euro Broadband network far more reliable than other two-way satellite services offered in Europe.
Only exceptionally bad weather conditions may disrupt the Euro Broadband satellite transmission.

Are satellite signals harmful ?

No. The International Commission for the Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) indicates that emissions operated in the KA band do not present any health hazards. These signals or waves are much less powerful than those of a simple mobile phone and they are only directed towards the Euro Broadband KA-SAT satellite.

What is “Ka-band” and what are its advantages ?

Broadcasting satellites operate primarily in the Ku-band frequencies, offering a wide geographical coverage with a single footprint. Euro Broadband operates in the Ka band, which has the advantage of being much more concentrated than the Ku band and can transmit more information with narrower beams, allowing the frequencies to be reused significantly, making subscription rates much more attractive. The available and larger amount of bandwidth supports higher transmission flow rates and therefore delivers maximum speeds for subscribers. Ka band higher frequencies also help subscribers to use smaller, less expensive antennas.

In case my Internet connection fails or does not operate properly, who should I contact?

For any customer service issues, please contact the dealer where you purchased your subscription

Can I play online games with Euro Broadband ?

In principle yes, but it is not recommended to play so called « first-person shooter » games because of the significantly longer ping times (approximately 600 – 650 ms between the player’s action and its translation in the game.
These delays are due to the time required to travel at light speed, the round-trip distance between the satellite dish installed at the subscriber’s premises and the satellite located in geostationary orbit, 36 000 km above the Earth.

Can I integrate Euro Broadband into a network ?

Yes, you just need to connect an IP router between your network and the satellite modem. A home Wi-Fi network with Euro Broadband is available for a small additional fee. Alternatively, all Wi-Fi routers can be connected to the Euro Broadband modem, which allows you to use wireless browsing.

Does Euro Broadband operate in areas that are not acccessible by cable Internet connection?

Of course! Thanks to the KA-SAT satellite, even if you live in mountainous or rural areas without terrestrial Internet access you can be reached by the Euro Broadband broadband.

What is the coverage area of the Euro Broadband service?

Euro Broadband Pro is present throughout Europe, the whole Mediterranean Basin and parts of the Middle East.

Once I have subscribed can I change my subscription?

Yes, just contact the distributor with whom you subscribed to Euro Broadband.

How can I figure out what Euro Broadband package is best suited to my needs?

Euro Broadband has designed a special configurator for you. It only takes three easy steps to figure out which Euro Broadband offer is the best suited to your business needs.

What is the connection speed declared by Euro Broadband?

Depending on the package you chose, the Euro Broadband Pro satellite connection allows you to navigate with speeds up to 30 Megabits per second for download and 6 megabits per second for uploads.

How does the installation of Euro Broadband work?

Connecting with Euro Broadband is very simple and does not require any cable connection. After the installation of a small satellite dish, alone or with the help of a technician, it is enough to connect the modem to your computer and you can immediately use the Internet.

Can I install the antenna by myself?

We always recommend having one of our certified technicians install it. In any case, it is possible to install your satellite dish in complete autonomy by carefully following the antenna assembly and positioning instructions.