Solutions for your business

Solutions for your business

Discover the scenarios where you can make the most of the Euro Broadband features.

A broadband service that is always connected when other networks stop working. Today more and more companies need to be constantly connected to the Internet in order to complete business transactions with partners at all times, to share information or documents, or to simply provide a service to their customers. In these cases an Internet outage may have a serious impact on productivity and on the rapport with clients, or even cause financial losses. To guard against this possibility, many companies enter into contracts with multiple Internet providers (ISPs). This technique, however, does not protect against malfunctions of the last section of cables that connect directly to the final customer and is shared by all the Internet providers. Furthermore, relying on 3G/4G mobile services is also not possible everywhere. In rural areas with poor coverage, the bandwidth provided by these services is barely enough to support basic operations like the exchange of emails or voice traffic.
Euro Broadband offers the first elastic and reliable backup service that allows companies to retain full functionality during any interruption of terrestrial connectivity.

Remote control

Bandwidth up to 6 Mbit per second for uploads and static IP to accurately and reliably connect and manage all your remote telemetry and surveillance systems. In the past, the protection of public and private spaces was necessarily entrusted to local surveillance via analog video or closed circuit systems. Today, thanks to new digital broadband video surveillance systems you can perform these operations remotely. But terrestrial connectivity does not ensure suitable bandwidth to send the signals to perform this task everywhere. Thanks to the excellent upload bandwidth of the KA-SAT satellite, you can use a Euro Broadband solution to watch over your company remotely wherever it may be.

Video streaming transmission

A KA-SAT satellite broadband service reserved for all the reporters, journalists and production agencies who need to transmit video and data with complete freedom of movement. Often video-reporters or directors may find it impossible to transmit their material to broadcasters or to producers, especially in rural or mountainous areas, or areas where terrestrial infrastructure is absent. With NewsSpotter you can have KA-SAT satellite bandwidth reserved for transmitting video and images from wherever you are.

Remote access

The security and high speed of a broadband Internet connection is perfect for companies who must access remote branches of their businesses. Many companies and organizations do not operate in a single location but have a network of offices or factories sometimes in areas with little or no terrestrial connectivity. For those who run such businesses it is essential that all locations can be connected and remotely managed at any time. Thanks to its satellite connectivity, Euro Broadband can provide reliable and fast upload and download broadband access to any type of business endeavor in even the most remote areas of Europe and the Mediterranean basin

Virtual private

The ability to have uninterrupted and safe access to remote data, regardless of local networks. One of the main needs of those working in different countries, or in areas where an Internet connection is not present, is to have constant access to internal data without any restrictions in order to have a private channel to exchange sensitive information and communicate securely and instantly with all business units. Thanks to the broadband connection provided by Euro Broadband you can configure VPN networks in satellite mode that are reserved for a group of users as an extension of an already existing VPN system, extending its transmission capacity, performance and services. The Euro Broadband Internet connection has already been tested and certified compatible with the solutions offered by Mikrotik, Encore Networks and OneAccess. New solutions to guarantee the service with as many suppliers as possible are always being tested.


A mobile backhaul solution that is complementary to mobile and terrestrial networks thanks to satellite coverage. With Euro Broadband you can connect the access network (BTS antennas) with the transport network even if the antennas are not reachable by cable, all you need is a Euro Broadband dish pointed at the KA-SAT satellite. Euro Broadband is the perfect solution for all telecommunication companies and mobile network operators who wish to expand their customer base and meet the growing demand from existing and potential customers for a data connection that is available everywhere and always on. In fact, the satellite makes it possible to connect any cell with the core network, providing an alternative backhaul system that is independent from the terrestrial connection. With new active BTS antennas the telecommunication operator can reach new users on its 3G/4G network and obtain an incremental source of revenue that repays the investment in the satellite kit.

Wi-Fi access

A Wi-Fi network that does not depend upon a fixed connection. With Euro Broadband it is easy to make Internet access available in an area via Wi-Fi, even where it has no cable connection, and it does not require a large investment nor a lengthy procedure. In fact, to connect it is enough to install an antenna that communicates with the KA-SAT satellite and then deploy the Wi-Fi network in the way that best suits your needs: within a restricted area like a tourist facility (hotel, mountain hut, beach) or a wider one, like a whole village. An opportunity that can significantly change the quality of life, or of the tourist experience, where traditional operators are not available.

Energy and services

With the worldwide rise of renewable power plants that are increasingly smaller and sometimes located in remote places, and with the launch of the intelligent management of energy services for consumers, the Energy and Services sector is seeing a growing demand for fast and reliable connectivity systems. Thanks to its satellite connectivity, Euro Broadband allows the implementation of solutions that would otherwise be impossible. Such as the remote control and management of small energy production sites that are located in totally isolated areas or offshore. Or the oversight of the transport of water, electricity and gas through sensors connected to the satellite network. The management of communications during a power failure or in case of a malfunction of terrestrial services. Or even the direct connection between smart meters and utility companies to guarantee reduced costs and updated rates.

Public and private security

In a world that is moving towards Web 3.0 and which increasingly requires a constant connection to the Internet, security and surveillance systems also need to be able to keep up with the times. Often, those who work in this industry rely on suppliers of mobile network services such as 3G/4G which, however, have serious limitations: a shared access with the public which is incompatible with the execution of delicate activities like maintaining security, and a poor ability to provide coverage and sufficient speed during major events and emergencies. Thanks to satellite broadband, Euro Broadband addresses these limitations, providing reliable and secure backup connectivity to maintain essential communication lines, solutions for remote surveillance, both through video and sensors, and the ability to access mobile broadband in case of accidents or emergencies when terrestrial connectivity is lost.


Whether it is a hotel in a quiet secluded area, a mountain campground or a resort on an island, today’s tourists are more and more careful in the choice of a location where to spend their holidays so that they always have Internet access. Having a high capacity and fast connection like the one provided by Euro Broadband can make the difference between a tourist who will come back the next year and one who will not.


Those who work in the commerce sector know how important it is to have a connection in their stores in order to develop the full potential of their sales network and maintain a relationship with their customers. Euro Broadband services can make a real difference in the banking sector, allowing branches to be opened and to provide ATM services even in remote and rural areas, to participate in local events with temporary and/or mobile installations and to always have a backup connection in areas covered by terrestrial connections; in the automotive sector to maintain a high organizational efficiency across all production and distribution centers, but also to be able to implement functions that can augment the driving experience via a constant connection with the car manufacturer. Not to mention all the advantages for franchising: from restaurant chains to service stations, Euro Broadband helps to ensure access to all your outlets and monitor their activities independently from where they are located, and also to implement, for example, digital signage inside the store and in public places or a dedicated in-store radio.

It and telecommunications

With the widespread availability of many apps that require an always-on data connection and the habit of living online, users today want to use their smartphones and their services wherever they are. The ability to serve their customers with total coverage is becoming an increasingly important factor and a major challenge for mobile network and telecommunications operators, especially with regard to customer loyalty and growth in emerging markets. Euro Broadband offers the opportunity to strengthen your network with a satellite backhaul: a solution that fits in this context perfectly and effectively to connect all the cells and all the users who cannot be reached by the traditional infrastructure.

Public administration and schools

How do you overcome the digital divide in public offices and schools in a small town that is located in the mountains or on an island, or even in an area that is difficult to access by traditional providers? With Euro Broadband any community can enjoy the same online services and the same educational opportunities that are available in big cities thanks to a satellite connection that is totally independent from terrestrial infrastructure. And there is more, a reliable and always-on Wi-Fi network can be available to multiple offices, an entire school or the whole population.


The KA-SAT satellite can provide various solutions to the Media. Thanks to the NewsSpotter service, for example, video-reporters and journalists can transmit videos and images to broadcasters with total freedom of movement even in rural or mountainous areas or areas where terrestrial infrastructure is absent. In addition, with Konnect Pro you can have a reliable and secure connection to configure VPN networks in order to exchange sensitive information and communicate in a secure and instantaneous manner.

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